The 21st VIEW conference, usually staged in the amazing OGR venue in Turin in northern Italy, has just concluded. The first online VIEW conference has been beamed from each speaker’s home town for FREE. Moderators, interviewers and co-presenters being brought together from disparate corners of the planet, just for the hour of power. This worked brilliantly. Over the last five days, the range and quality of these presentations were on-par with those in previous years. That’s saying something. The Director of the conference, Dr. Maria-Elena Gutierrez already has a reputation for bringing together the most impressive list of speakers for the boutique conference in Italy.

Having just watched those live-streamed presentations available to us from a very far distance, I can vouch for looking through the catalogue and purchasing a few of the replays. Before wrapping up on the last presentation, Dennis Muren (Oscar winning VFX Supervisor of Jurassic Park and Star Wars movies) was effusive toward the Herculean effort of Gutierrez and her team. What followed was an encore session by Andrew Jackson (VFX Supervisor of Tenet), Christopher Nolan’s latest effect-filled epic.

Life gets in the way sometimes and I wasn’t able to take part in as much of VIEW as I normally could or would have, but like everyone else, I was glued to my big screen as Tim Webber’s revealing rundown of DNEG’s work on 2018’s ‘Gravity’, Paul’s Debevec’s talk on the latest in Google’s VR research, Ian Failes’ talk with Phil Tippett early on in the week, and many many more.



VIEW Conference 2020, taking place soon from October 18 to 23, will stream all content live for FREE. Italy’s premiere digital media conference unites 160 world-class filmmakers, producers, studio executives, animators, artists, game developers, musicians, journalists and educators for a lively week of 125 talks, workshops, masterclasses and panels. Traditionally held in Torino, Italy, this year’s conference will be an entirely virtual event, with all sessions being made available online to a global audience. 

“There has been so much bad news in 2020,” says Conference Director Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez, “so I’m thrilled to be able to share some great news for a change. Everyone could use some extra light and joy in their lives, so we have made the unprecedented decision to make this year’s conference completely free. Going virtual gives us a fantastic chance to grow the VIEW community, and to welcome into our family participants who are unable to travel to Torino or buy a full access pass.”

Keynoting the conference is Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar and former president of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios. A true computer graphics visionary, Catmull pioneered such fundamentals as texture mapping, bicubic patches and spatial anti-aliasing. He is author of the book Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration, described as “the first-ever, all-access trip into the nerve center of Pixar.”

Also headlining are two bona fide legends from the world of visual effects: nine-time Academy Award-winner Dennis Muren, creative director at Industrial Light & Magic; and Phil Tippett, director, producer, visual effects supervisor, founder of Tippett Studio and winner of two Oscars. Muren achieved breakthrough work at the dawn of the digital revolution on films such as The Abyss and Jurassic Park. Tippett and ILM originated the revolutionary Go-Motion technique, which combined stop-motion animation with motion control technology. Through their long careers, both have continued to steer the art and science of visual effects to ever greater heights.

Additionally, Paul Debevec, senior engineer at GoogleVR, will deliver a keynote to launch the VIEW 2020 Business Innovation Summit. This carefully curated series of presentations and workshops takes place within the main conference, and provides insight not only into the creative process behind the latest movies, games and experiences, but also the synergy between that creativity and the industries it serves.

“Our keynotes bring such an extraordinary depth of talent and experience to the conference,” Dr. Gutierrez says. “Yet they are only the start. This year, I’m especially proud of the diversity of topics and speakers. For example, 43 of our speakers are women, including studio heads, animated film directors, producers, visual effects artists and game developers. We have a number of highly topical talks and panels addressing the challenges of production during the Covid-19 pandemic, plus others looking at the latest production tools and techniques – including a panel on virtual production with Westworld’s Jay Worth, Sam Nicholson of Stargate Studios and Habib Zargarpour from Unity. We have panels on storytelling, lighting, women in virtual production … the list goes on!”

Check out previous articles promoting that long list of participants, below.





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