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The director of the VIEW Conference has announced the first keynote speakers for the 2020 VIEW Conference. This event will be the 21st annual digital media symposium in computer graphics. Conference Director Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez tells me that Paul Debevec and Professor Donald Greenberg are the first pylons of a massive bridge. A re-emergence of the CG and visual effects industry event circuit, we all hope will propel visual and virtual creativity in the coming years.


The international VIEW Conference is Italy’s premier event bringing top professionals from creative fields to the beautiful baroque city of Torino, Italy for a week of talks, presentations, and workshops. Those fields are Computer Graphics, Interactive and Immersive Storytelling, Animation, Visual Effects, Games, and VR, AR, and Mixed Reality.


“We are honored that these brilliant pioneering researchers will bring their inspiring visions to VIEW,” says Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez. “They have opened the minds of so many people to new ways of looking at the world. They are the perfect speakers to highlight the October VIEW Conference in a revitalized Italy.”


Paul Debevec is a senior scientist at Google VR and an adjunct research professor of computer science at USC, working within the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

Dr. Donald Greenberg is the Jacob Gould Schurman, Professor of Computer Graphics at Cornell University where he teaches computer graphics courses in Computer Science, computer-aided design in the Department of Architecture. He is the Director of the Program of Computer Graphics and was the originator and former Director of the Computer Aided Design Instructional Facility at Cornell University.
The Co-Director of ‘Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse’, Peter Ramsey is also coming to speak. As well as Jeremy Clapin, the Writer/Director of ‘I Lost My Body’. Marino Guarnieri will be along, Director and 2D VFX Supervisor, winner of the EFA Best Animated Movie and the David di Donatello Award. Also, Kane Lee the Producer and Head of Story at Baobab Studios. Dylan Sisson will present the very latest updates in RenderMan and is, among a lot of other things, the Marketing Manager of the RenderMan product at Pixar. Dylan is also the creator of Pixar’s RenderMan Walking Teapot.


Of course, the organisers are fully aware and respect that as the months roll forward, anything can happen with regards to COVID19.  Stay informed about the ebb and flow of this battle we all have to go through and when we win, this industry will be very different. The best way to stay in touch is to get out to network and chart your course.


At the time of this article, the 2020 VIEW Conference will take place from October 18 to 23 in Torino’s exciting new OGR venue.

A SIGGRAPH 2020 sidetrack note:  “The District of Columbia Mayor Muriel E. Bowser announced Friday, 17 April that the Walter E. Washington Convention Center has been designated a future alternate care site in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ACM is working closely with the convention center staff to understand the details of this designation and how it will impact SIGGRAPH 2020.”


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