Netflix Liberator

Polish VFX & sound studio Juice and Trioscope Studios in Los Angeles announce the premiere date of the upcoming and highly anticipated Netflix series The Liberator for November 11, Veterans Day in the USA.

The uniqueness of the series is based on the new proprietary technology platform used to produce it. The ‘Trioscope Enhanced Hybrid Animation‘ technology combines state-of-the-art CGI with live-action performance.

Juice’s scope of work on the series includes production supervision taking place in Łódź and close collaboration with Trioscope throughout the entire postproduction process, wherein Juice artists and engineers produced over 4,000 visually-stunning shots.

Based on the book by Alex Kershaw, The Liberator is a character-driven action miniseries based on the true story of World War II infantry commander Felix “Shotgun” Sparks, who led the members of the 157th Infantry Battalion of the 45th Division, an integrated group of white cowboys, Mexican Americans and Native soldiers (over 52 tribes) drawn from across the west. On every level, Sparks and his battalion of ‘Thunderbirds’ were classic citizen soldiers, and for over 500 days they led a special group of American soldiers from Italy to France to the liberation of Dachau, through some of the most gruelling battles of the war. This motley group of men not only coalesced into a fighting force to be reckoned with but became one the most decorated American combat units of World War II.

“I have been following Juice projects with a great interest for many years,” says Grzegorz Jonkajtys, director and Chief Creative Officer of Trioscope. “Talent, energy, excellent artistic taste and technological ‘know-how’ meant that we turned to them for help in creating the The Liberator.” The two studios tell this fascinating story using Trioscope which is marked by an unusual style, combining acting, animation and a specific ‘graphic novel’ look. “So, we needed a trusted partner with relevant experience in ‘standard’ post- production and VFX animation, but also with the talent and vision to go beyond the limits of photorealism. Juice has created a wide range of such artistic projects. Their sensitivity and experience make them a great partner for this series and the many more we have coming.”

The Liberator is a milestone for Juice. “The talks about cooperation on the series lasted over two years,” says Art Director & Second Unit Director at Juice, Michał Misiński. “With Grzegorz, we have been specifying what the series should look like. Initially, just two of us, and then with the whole Juice team, we created something that is called “proof of concept”. The technology will allow us to preserve the authenticity of the emotions of the real actors, thanks to CG we will take care of every–even the smallest detail on the screen. We create a new original visual language, and Grzegorz’s sensitivity and approach will allow us to create something absolutely unique compared to other film productions.”

The Liberator is produced by Trioscope Studios, A + E Studios, and Unique Features. Grzegorz Jonkajtys serves as director. Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive) has written the script.
Bradley James (Merlin, Damien) has been cast as the lead General Feliks Sparks alongside Martin Sensmeier, Jose Vasquez and Bryan Hibbard.

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