VIEW2020 Schedule

In under a month, the annual VIEW Conference begins.  The annual Conference has announced the 2020 virtual conference schedule is now complete and available online. Beginning on the 18th of October and running along to the 23rd, this is an event brim-full of presentations not to miss. And you don’t even need to be on the ground in Turin!

 Open it up at the link below this story.  The lineup is hugely impressive.   The wide range of presentations will be available on the secure links, inclusive with the event tickets.   There are many final additions to the program, including a major session by the makers of the upcoming animated feature, Wolfwalkers.

Tomm Moore, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Cartoon Saloon will take VIEWers through the production adventures, accompanied by other key artists and leads.    In a wide-ranging 90-minute session at 11am (CET) on Friday, Moore and his creative team will offer their audience detailed insights into the making of Wolfwalkers, the studio’s latest spectacular animated feature, which Moore co-directed with Ross Stewart.   Wolfwalkers streams worldwide on Apple TV+ in the (northern) fall of 2020.

Cartoon Saloon has had a loud run of successful productions in the past as well. Who could forget The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea, both of which received Academy Award nominations for Best Animated Feature. Look these up and watch them. The Cartoon Saloon style is immediately evident. Wolfwalkers features an evocative hand-drawn style notably different from many contemporary animated features.

In the lead up to this year’s VIEW Conference, there have been numerous recorded sessions run already. But the depth of work available to be streamed LIVE from the VIEW Conference, to paid attendees, makes this event one to not miss. Here are a few links to read back on.





If you have a look at the final schedule which is now available, while the local time zone is Central European Time (CET), the presentations will be comfortably spread across the world clock so nobody misses out.

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