PreVIEW Mandalorian

VIEW CONFERENCE 2020 kicks off its 21st season with a special FREE online session this weekend.


In this PreVIEW session, VFX journalist and my good friend Ian Failes will talk with Academy Award-winning animation director Hal Hickel about Disney+’s breakthrough and immensely popular television series “The Mandalorian”.  For this series, ILM developed new virtual production technology that made it possible for artists to create feature-film quality animation and visual effects under broadcast television constraints. The exciting new methods they developed will give filmmakers working on feature films as well as television series unprecedented opportunities.
CLICK HERE to go Live.

2:30pm Los Angeles Time (Saturday June 27); 7:30am Melbourne Time (Sunday June 28)


Hal Hickel oversaw all the animation for the creatures, vehicles, and characters in ‘The Mandalorian’ and played a key role in visualizing ILM’s miniature/motion-control shots featured in the show. He has received an Academy Award for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, is a three-time Oscar nominee, and was the animation director for Rango, which received an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.
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The Mandalorian PreVIEW is organized by VIEW Conference in collaboration with OGR, BeforesandAfters, and Industrial Light & Magic.

The international VIEW Conference, Italy’s premiere event for Computer Graphics, Interactive and Immersive Storytelling, Animation, Visual Effects, Games, and VR, AR, and Mixed Reality, brings top professionals from those fields to the beautiful baroque city of Torino, Italy for a week of talks, presentations, and workshops.

The 2020 VIEW Conference will take place from October 18 to 23 in Torino’s state-of-the-art OGR venue and virtually. Registration is now open.

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