SIGGRAPH Asia Online

Like SIGGRAPH 2020, which was going to be in Washington DC this year, and VIEW 2020 in Turin, and THU in Portugal, SIGGRAPH Asia 2020, due to dance in Daegu South Korea, has also joined the changing world and announced at least a partial move to virtual presentations and events. In a press release, the SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Conference Chair this week detailed plans to use the latest virtual technology to lean toward the future of conference content.

“This has not been an easy decision, but we came to a common consensus that it was necessary in this current climate,” said Jinny HyeJin Choo, SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Conference Chair. “The safety and well-being of all our participants remains our top priority. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we adjust our plans and refocus our efforts to put together the very first SIGGRAPH Asia virtual event for the community,”

Jinny Choo, and her team of program chairs are committed to delivering a strong SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 that celebrates this year’s innovation, advances and achievements in computer graphics, interactive techniques and beyond. We are optimistic that the virtual format will allow our global community to come together and participate in new and innovative ways and drive forward the forefront of our field.

As the details of this virtual experience are resolved, the exact dates and format will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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