SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Computer Animation Festival

‘Twenty Something’, ‘Le Retour des Vagues’, ‘Les larmes de la Seine’ and ‘Only a Child’ named winners of the highly anticipated Computer Animation Festival Awards.

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Computer Animation Festival (CAF), Asia’s premier computer-generated animation and visual effects event, will showcase a worldwide collection of the year’s best works in SIGGRAPH Asia’s hybrid event which begins Tuesday 14th and goes to Friday 17th December 2021. From student films to professional projects, the festival once again showcases and celebrated some of the industry’s newest, most compelling technology-based visual artistry.

The festival is pleased to announce four award-winning films, selected by judges from a total of 501 animation works. This was the first year the festival saw a tie in the ‘BEST STUDENT PROJECT’ category, resulting in four award winners for the CAF Winners Screening. The international jury of industry heavyweights also selected the top 16 works for the Electronic Theater screening, and another 19 for the Animation Theater screening.

“This year saw another fantastic selection of works from artists across Asia and around the world,” said Computer Animation Festival Chair, Dan Sarto. “Our winning CAF films, as well as each selection for the Electronic Theater and Animation Theater screenings, showcase the latest innovative works from an incredibly diverse and talented group of artists. Our jury helped assemble an extraordinary collection of animated projects, including 35 animated shorts, commercials, and other works, that conference attendees can watch both in Tokyo and online. Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who took time to share their work with us.”

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