Artist Interviews


During my time way back as Editor with, and Assistant Editor on the many books Ballistic Publishing rolled out for that decade, I loved what I did. Excuse me for this brief detour, because I still do love what I write about. I always relish the opportunity to reach out and to meet new talented people and find out about their exciting work. These people are my tribe, as the guys at THU would say. These artists are my family, as Maria at VIEW will ponder on. These are all wonderful, amazing people. And, while I’m stuck on the other side of the planet from most of them, I like to catch up on occasion to ask what they have been up to. What their latest creation is turning out like. What would they learn if they had the time. How they are coping under the lockdowns we’ve all had.

The reason I started this site,, was pretty much to restart a vehicle for me to try and stay in contact with the industry I continue to love so much. I love the creative ways VFX Supervsiors, directors, artists and other technicians bring their vision together for the rest of us. I have the enviable freedom to write about what I want. It’s just that VFXscience doesn’t bring in any money at all. So I’ve been branching out a fair bit in order to feather the nest and pay the mortgage. Like some of you also, I’ve had to reach out further into the field to find the ripest fruit.

I’ve been a guest interviewer with for a little while now, chatting to artists who have been active in illustrating, doing concept art. This have given me more time to look through my contact database I kept close to my chest. And I’m grateful for the team at 3DTotal for giving me contact with some younger bright stars for some of my earlier audio and video podcast episodes on their site.

So, cutting to the chase here, I’m going to list out the articles, to give them even more click opportunities. (Yes, please do).

Come back and check later as I’m off to find and add the links of some earlier assignments. Do you have any suggestions about who you’d like me to reach out to next, in an interview form? Contact me at the bottom or in the comments.








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