24 hours of Chaos

Starting tomorrow at 19:00 (GMT+1) London time, Chaos Group is launching 24 Hours of Chaos, a global livestream event to bring the CG community together. Once it starts, the world can tune in for 10 consecutive shows that will be broadcast live on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook from over 10 different countries. 

Created in collaboration with Autodesk and 3ds London, 24 Hours of Chaos will feature over 100 speakers/experts from the fields of architecture, design, visual effects, and advertising and covers in-depth presentations, behind-the-scenes demos, topical discussion panels, live music and more.

After the first show kicks off, an evolving set of hosts will pass the mic every two to four hours, taking viewers to Sao Paulo, New York, Montreal, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Nelson, Adelaide, Bali, and New Delhi before reaching Sofia, its final destination and the home of Chaos Group.

Speakers hail from some of the most influential CG companies in the world, including:

VFX: Digital Domain, Method Studios, A52/Elastic, The Mill, Blur Studio, Assembly Limited, Rising Sun Pictures, Nice Shoes, etc.

Architecture: Hayes Davidson, DBOX, WeWork, Kilograph, SHoP Architects, UNIFORM, D2, Fiction Studio, etc.

Design: IDEO, Porsche

While the event is live, everything will be archived so viewers can easily catch up on any shows they missed. Live viewers, however, will also have the opportunity to win free licenses and swag. For more information, please visit: the 24 Hours of Chaos website.

Livestream Links:

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