Tangent Labs will be presenting LoUPE, their complete cloud-based CG Production Pipeline Tool at the very first Virtual SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition, which starts this week (August 25-27) online.

Developed during the making of sister company Tangent Animation’s work on Netflix’s ‘NextGen’, LoUPE was first revealed to the public at SIGGRAPH 2019 at an AWS Partner Pod. This marks the first year that Tangent Labs will have their own (virtual) booth at SIGGRAPH, and LoUPE will be the star attraction.

There are five main components to LoUPE.  Asset Management, Project Management, Media Review & Collaboration, Render Management, and Reporting & Analytics. These will be demonstrated and questions answered at the virtual booth. 

“We’re very excited to share LoUPE with artists and studios globally and look forward to ‘seeing’ old friends and new at SIGGRAPH 2020 in its new virtual format,” explains Jeff Bell, CEO, Tangent Labs. “LoUPE is about enabling storytellers to focus on telling stories, not on building technology.”

LoUPE has been working closely with the open-source Blender community for feature animation production with the software package.  To make it easier for studios to work with their other common software applications, support for Pixar’s USD (Universal Scene Description) was added to allow LoUPE a greater range of collaboration. LoUPE is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product available from the AWS Marketplace, currently beta testing with a select group of artists and studios. LoUPE will release v1.0 to the public later this year.

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