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The team at Tsugi Studio in Japan has released DSP Motion, a very impressive tool for the creation of sound effects using a graphics tablet.  DSP Motion can be used by motion designers, animators, sound artists, and game developers to easily create sound effects for animated logos, in-game production, animation story production, and even user interfaces.  These can recreate the sounds of water, fire, sparks, electricity or even steel or wood movement.  Screen post-production foley creation will never be the same.


DSP Motion is actually the latest addition to the Dynamic Sound Packs (DSP) by the people at Tsugi Studio.   Other apps in their range includes DSP Anime, DSP Fantasy, DSP Sci-Fi and DSP Retro.  These are an innovative series of tools that generate sound effects from procedural models instead of using fixed recordings. 




Select a type of audio motion and audio style, adjust the controls to what kind of sound you require, and draw your sound effect!   The workflow is immediate.   While drawing, the position of the mouse or stylus, the speed of the movement, and other properties are evaluated to generate a sound effect that perfectly matches the user’s cursor motion.

Generated sounds can be saved as *Wave files and used in any creative tool.    The sound is fully customisable for your project with DSP Motion’s unique procedural audio engine.  If the duration of the motion changes, you can even stretch or compress your sound without any obvious artifacts.   Procedural audio also allows for the automatic generation of many sound variations, which is especially useful to fight repetitiveness in games and animated movies.  These files can also be directly exported to a Unity game engine project for instance.


DSP Motion EN2


The sounds you generate within DSP Motion are totally royalty-free and subsequently can be used in any commercial project without any extra costs.  DSP Motion is available on Tsugi’s website for US$49.


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