SideFX Houdini 17.5

SideFX is pleased to announce the release of Houdini 17.5!

Houdini 17.5 introduces the Procedural Dependency Graph (PDG) technology – designed to enhance SideFX’s procedural architecture to distribute tasks and manage dependencies, to better scale, automate, and analyse content pipelines for the user’s work in all media, including movies, games and VR.

There have been a number of enhancements to key features, including flip fluid distributed simulations are now available for narrowband and white water sims to make it easier to create larger sims.

Per point constraints and fibre constraints have been added into Houdini, to allow more control when working with VELLUM. It is now easier to make creative decisions when working with fire, smoke and clouds. GPU accelerated volumes are available in the viewport where they can be evaluated before sending them out to be rendered. New selection options and an improved Measure SOP gives Houdini users improved general modelling tools to work with.
When creating destruction shots, the proper setup of constraints is a key element that is now easier in Houdini 17.5. You can now create constraints interactively to more easily refine your setup.

Learn more about the Houdini 17.5 release from SideFX’s Cristin Barghiel, VP R&D, Scott Keating, Senior Product Designer, Ken Xu, Senior Software Architect – and special guest Bill Polson, Global Head of Pipeline and Workflow, MPC Film.

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