Foundry launches Modo 13.0

Foundry has launched Modo 13.0, the first in a series of three installments of the highly anticipated Modo 13 Series of animation, modeling and rendering software.

Substantial feature additions are part of this major update, including native GP rendering capabilities, with its first iteration of AMD Radeon ProRender with the popular denoising features. This hardware-agnostic, physically-based rendering engine leverages open industry standards, using a variety of GPU and CPU pipelines.

Using Modo 13.0, animators can uniquely control layers of their work and even override existing actions, using the new Animation Layers system to isolate and define their own style.

Building on our award-winning MeshFusion toolset, Modo 13.0 introduces Kit Fusing, allowing artists the ability to define only a portion of a mesh to be used for creating boolean operations. This powerful enhancement makes it easier to leverage complex meshes and allows for holes to create the impression of complex negative forms like fan grills with mechanical components that are visible inside a surface.

Other key features for Modo 13.0 include:

  • Modo Bridge: This feature now supports Unity and adds the same functionality that was present in the Unreal Bridge through a shared interface to streamline interaction with real-time scene creation.
  • Arrays: A powerful new extension to Modo’s procedural system that allows for advanced storage, manipulation, and output of data in a variety of forms, further enabling what technical artists can engineer in Modo.


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