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The Japanese graphics tablet company Wacom has announced a new, significantly upgraded version of its Intuos pen tablet for creatives.  This small tablet is a brilliant vehicle to launch budding digital creations.  Bundled with software for drawing, painting and image editing, the new Intuos tablet offers an immediate start into digital art.

“Anyone interested in getting creative on a digital level will be able to enjoy a natural pen experience, featuring improved accuracy and enhanced online navigation capability,” says Ben Keegan, Director of Sales, Wacom Australia & New Zealand.

wacom-Intuos-Medium-Black-g1The unit is easily connected for power refresh via a USB point at the top of the body.  There are two sizes available.  200 x 160mm or the slightly larger 264 x 200mm.  The tablet can be connected via Bluetooth or directly by the included USB cable, which as mentioned, charges as you work. But really, the sense of freedom using the Bluetooth connection is very welcome indeed.

The sensitivity of the graphics tablet pen is 4K, ready to give you a natural feel on the surface of the tablet itself or even through your drawing paper which may sit on the tablet.   Either way, the feel is much better than the glass on a Cintiq, at least for me. The cursor can be made to stretch across two screens and the EMR technology ensures the pen operation is easy and precise.  There are no batteries to worry about either.  Like many of the other pens in the range [all interchangable], there is room for spare nibs in the housing of the pen arm.

In the slight, shallow trough for the pen, there are the shortcut keys.  These can be set up for any macro option available, just like for the other Intuos offerings.  I particularly liked the fact this graphics tablet was so small and compact but could operate across a couple of large screens like I have at my home office.   I was very impressed because it was a tidy, tough worker that kept its charge and allowed me to jump across to my keyboard and the pen could be used for scrolling comfortably down web pages as well.   Nice bit of work.

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  1. This product is amazing..I bought this reference in replacement of the Bamboo and it was the best decision..this product have the best ergonomics..it is easy to install and the sensitivy points are useful for my digital illustration…very good choice!!!!

    Yolanda Pertling

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