Foundry updates

0612- Foundry- images- Katana 3.0 7

Foundry’s Katana and Mari get some new clothes and skills.  They look nice.

Katana 3.0 starts up its new USA Hydra-powered viewport with some cheeky new UI and performance improvements, while Mari 4.1 introduces a whole lot of color management workflows.   The company’s lighting and 3D painting tools Katana and Mari have never looked so good.

Additionally, Katana has been given a powerful new viewport which is driven by Pixar’s USD Hydra technology.  Inside is the 3Delight rendering plugin, which offers free live rendering for using on interactive renders and batch options.   The UI operation has been accelerated, meaning a solid speed push 1.5X faster than previous versions.

Meanwhile, Mari 4.1 has been given several color management tools which allow more intuitive color picking, channel management, and selection upgrades which will be welcomed by users of the Mari colorspaces.   Jordan Thistlewood, the Senior Product Manager of Look Development and Lighting at Foundry says, “We are very happy to provide an artist-friendly UX to color management in Mari 4.1 and the updated UI/UX of Katana 3.0 driven by the new Hydra powered viewport. These developments and our future plans are key to ensuring that all artists are armed with the best creative tools in look development and lighting.”

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