Paul Hellard, media and technology journalist

VFXScience is labour of love.  A blog about the technology of film-making in the modern world.  A site for all the best the web can offer those (like me) passionate about the many areas of digital visuals in media.  There will be feature articles, reviews, interviews and news articles.   I want to keep in touch, keep you informed and interested.  There may be the odd movie review and a look at the local Australian industry.  Nothing I’ve not done before.

Paul Hellard is a former film and video cameraman and production manager, now freelance journalist [tertiary qualified], living in Melbourne Australia.  He’s made a living writing about science, technology, digital art and the huge effort put into creating many forms of entertainment media.  He was editor and features writer at for nearly ten years, and produced EXPOSÉ and EXOTIQUE digital annuals and other books with Ballistic Media for nearly as long.

pic345He writes about VFX, animation and computer graphics because he loves the science, art, and people in the industry.


If you’d like to get in touch, you can Google me or leave a note below.  You can also contact me on Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, Skype, LinkedIn, or just throw a screwed up ball of paper at me.

I always take on new projects with enthusiasm.

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