NFT or not to NFT

I was asked to revisit the subject of NFTs for a couple of industry veterans at Gnomon and The resulting article became an entertaining and complex journey through many artist’s relationship with the new paradigm. I hope people learn a few new facts about the phenomenon of Non-Fungible Tokens. Many artists I know are still pondering the move, merely to cement ownership of their art. There has been so much theft of their art online, they felt linking to the Blockchain may only be a good thing, if only they could be sure it was safe. There were others who had been burned in the experience and could only warn others to do a lot of research before jumping in.

While agents and economists argue about the possible advantages of digital wallets and cryptocurrency tokens, the ground is still fresh out there. Perhaps later on, the legitimacy of this market will emerge. After the growing pains subside. Like the share market, those who jump aboard now will ride a wave. As the article says, do your own research. I hope this work opens some eyes to the dangers and the great opportunities.

CLICK THROUGH to the article HERE.

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