NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

At the start of NVIDIA’s GTC 2021 Virtual Technology conference, a shift to the Omniverse.

NVIDIA today begins the GTC2021, and they have also announced the coming general availability of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, the world’s first technology platform that enables global 3D design teams working across multiple software suites to collaborate in real time in a shared virtual space.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise makes it possible for 3D production teams — which are often large, diverse in skills and geographically dispersed — to work seamlessly together on complex projects. Rather than requiring in-person meetings or exchanging and iterating on massive files, designers, artists and reviewers can work simultaneously in a virtual world from anywhere, on any device.

BMW’s AI Factory of the Future, designed, planned, simulated, and operated in NVIDIA Omniverse.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise has been in early evaluations with some of the world’s most sophisticated design teams at companies like BMW Group, Foster + Partners and WPP. It follows the launch three months ago of an open beta for individuals, which has been downloaded by nearly 17,000 users.

“Every few decades, technologies converge to enable a whole new thing – Omniverse is such an invention,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “Building on NVIDIA’s entire body of work, Omniverse lets us create and simulate shared virtual 3D worlds that obey the laws of physics. The immediate applications of Omniverse are incredible, from connecting design teams for remote collaboration to simulating digital twins of factories and robots. The science-fiction metaverse is near.”

NVIDIA Omniverse fundamentally transforms 3D workflows, uniting users, design tools, and assets in a shared virtual space and enabling real time collaboration. This demo showcases four users spread across geographies, collaborative designing, building and iterating on a single architecture and engineering scene using different industry applications.

Industrial Light & Magic has been evaluating Omniverse for a broad range of possible workflows, but particularly for bringing together content created across multiple traditional applications, and facilitating simultaneous collaboration across teams that are distributed all over the world. Omniverse has the potential to remove the technical barriers that used to get in the way of the creative process, facilitating real-time decision-making across all disciplines.

Ericsson, a leading telecommunications company, is using the Omniverse platform to simulate and visualise future 5G networks.

“The NVIDIA Omniverse platform lets our teams virtually explore any city’s unique geography — whether it is San Francisco’s hills or Frankfurt’s high-rises — and its impact on radio network performance,” said Joakim Sorelius, head of Development Unit Networks at Ericsson. “By combining our extensive simulation expertise with the stunning visualisations of Omniverse, we bring radio network analysis to a new level, creating insights that ensure our customers get the best possible 5G experience. We see Omniverse as the future of collaboration and planning.”

Activision Publishing, Inc., is exploring NVIDIA Omniverse’s AI-search capabilities for its award-winning, blockbuster video game experiences to allow artists, game developers and designers to search intuitively through massive databases of untagged 3D assets using text or images.

The NVIDIA Omniverse ecosystem continues to grow, connecting industry-leading applications from software companies
such as Bentley Systems, Adobe, Autodesk, Epic Games, ESRI, Graphisoft, Trimble, McNeel & Associates, Blender, Marvelous Designer, Reallusion and wrnch Inc.

Watch for updates from GTC2021 throughout the week.

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