NVIDIA’s GPU Tech Conference (the GTC2021) kicks off Monday, April 12 2021, with a keynote by CEO Jensen Huang. He will announce major news in the areas of AI, Professional Visualization as well as design collaboration for manufacturing and movie production.

As well as the keynote on Monday, which is free to view globally, NVIDIA will present full-day Instructor-led workshops from DLI. This online event is stretched across the week. Also, Jurgen Schmidhuber from Swiss AI Lab IDSIA is giving a presentation about modern Artificial Intelligence, as seen from the 1980s to 2021 and beyond. Plenty of other interesting sessions are all over the calendar for the week of the GTC2021.

NVIDIA’s AI Art Gallery exhibits artists and musicians using AI as a tool, a collaborator, and a muse as they integrate AI into their creative process. These artists and musicians use AI to uncover unexpected originality and creativity in their work.

A stream of classes, talks and workshops from the ‘IT Crowd’ brings a few under-covered areas of research into the light. The Power of Python controlling the NVIDIA’s vGPU Management, Speech Recognition under the Industrial power of Efficient Data Labeling; and GShard: Neural network scaling giant Models with Conditional Computational and Automatic Sharding. There’s autonomous vehicles, drones and spatial and geothermal research. Sustainability in Automotive research. Rob Legato talks about Virtual Cinematography and Kim Libreri from Epic Games will speaks on the new landscape of in-camera visual effects. There really are too many deep dive sessions to trawl through and I wouldn’t be giving it justice to list them here. Do click through and register for this enthralling event. I will be there and when I’m not in a session, I’d love to catch up on chat.

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