War of the World

Realtime recreates classic War of the World for BBC One.


Some of my friends at Realtime have let me in on their latest production. They have shown off the extensive visual effects work they did on the newly produced War of the World. This three-hour adaption of the H.G Wells classic is a visual feast. The story was of course was previously recreated by Steven Spielberg set in the modern-day. This BBC series is more true to the original Orson Wells radio play of the H.G Wells story, and is set in the Edwardian period.




Realtime designed the iconic Tripod spaceships, the opening sequence showing the start of the invasion from Mars and the Martian creatures that terrorise earth’s inhabitants.   Watch the video above for extra words and descriptions from the crew themselves.
The creatures are phenomenal.


Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 1.11.53 pm.png
I watched the trailers and began to write this short news pointer at the same time as (re)watching one of the many BluRay discs I have of the Star Wars franchise. Not telling which one, but at the moment, I am in the Saw’s Catacombs. Which movie am I watching? Hey, it’s a living.



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