Noises and Nodes

Redshift brings together Noises and Nodes in Cinema 4D.

Redshift 3.0.12 is the latest release from Redshift Rendering Technologies, Inc., developers of GPU-accelerated rendering software. The latest version includes native support for deeper integration with Maxon’s Cinema 4D, including Cinema 4D noises and the option to define materials using its native node-based material system.

Native support in Redshift means that Cinema 4D noises can now be accessed by the users of other DCC applications using Redshift as their rendering solution.
Cinema 4D noise effects have been much sought-after among other 3D software packages. Procedural noise allows artists to easily add surface detail and randomness to otherwise perfect surfaces.


Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 6.01.40 pm
Mushrooms!!!  Images by Redshift

Cinema 4D offers 32 different types of noise and countless variations based on settings. Native support for Cinema 4D noises means Redshift can preserve GPU memory while delivering high-quality rendered results.

“This release is the first achievement of our collaboration since Maxon’s acquisition of Redshift in April of this year,” said David McGavran, CEO of Maxon. “It shows commitment to not only our Cinema 4D community, but the industry as a whole as we bring Cinema 4D noises to all applications supported by Redshift.”

Redshift 3.0.12 provides content creators deeper integration of Redshift within Cinema 4D. Redshift materials can now be defined using Cinema 4D’s nodal material framework, introduced in Release 20. As well, Redshift materials can use the Node Space system introduced in Release 21, which combines the native nodes of multiple render engines into a single material. Redshift is the first to take advantage of the new API in Cinema 4D to implement their own Node Spaces. Users can now also use any Cinema 4D view panel as a Redshift IPR (interactive preview render) window, making it easier to work within compact layouts and interact with a scene while developing materials and lighting.
And, … Redshift Rendering Technologies Inc., is a subsidiary of Maxon. Redshift 3.0.12 is immediately available from the Redshift website.


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