Mother robot

Please watch this short video feature about Weta Workshop’s creating of the Robot for I Am Mother (Netflix): Inside Weta Workshop.

If you haven’t yet seen I Am Mother on Netflix, do this tonight.  And while you are there, carefully study the intricate work in the robot Mother character. Created practically with a performer in a suit, the robot was finished in CG. The project supervisor for the production, Luke Hawker was asked to step in as the practical robot, which gave everyone an advantage, seeing that he was available all the time.
Close up, full-screen views of this robot are an intricate part of the story. The character is shown in full motion, eighty to 90 percent of the time in the movie.  The digital work in Maya, is where the final metallic look comes from, was an amazing effort by Fin Design, and the human movement and detailing came from the practical Weta Workshop efforts.

Play the video below for a comprehensive view of the practical robot build project from Weta Workshop.



*I am working on a feature article, detailing the digital effort in finalising the look of the character, and many other aspects of the VFX work in the movie. Stay tuned.


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