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One click photorealism for Architectural, Automotive and Product Designers.


Chaos Czech has brought a simple solution to building an essential element of realism into Corona Renderer 4 for 3ds Max. Rendering lighting effects on glass and water surfaces with even more accuracy means this adds a new layer of photorealism to stills and animations.

Caustics are the behaviour of light inside transparent surfaces.  They focus on the patterns of reflected and refracted light commonly found in examples like pool water, diamonds, and wine glasses. While important, caustics have traditionally been costly to render, which has led many developers to ignore them for faster render speeds. Using a one-click solution, Chaos Czech (previously Render Legion) has kickstarted a process that will mainstream caustics, making them as normal as global illumination is today to artists and designers.


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“Photorealism is a potent tool, but also comes with an asterisk,” said Adam Hotový, Vice President at Chaos Czech. “With our caustics, users finally have the speed they need to fill an important gap in photorealism. And because it’s through Corona, accessing it is only a click away.”

Caustics will work alongside all Corona Renderer features, including LightMix, which will allow artists to adjust caustics, colour and light intensity simultaneously. This breakthrough was made thanks to the help of Chaos Research, a newly announced division of Chaos Group led by Chaos Czech co-founder Jaroslav Křivánek that is focused on re-inventing the ways computer graphics are created.

“Caustics are essential to my workflow, especially for lighting products like lamps and light fixtures that require a high-end photographic look,” said Giona Andreani, Architectural Visualizer and Project Lead Artist at State of Art Studio. “With the new caustics solver, I can play with light in a more artistic way.”

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To try Corona Renderer 4 now, click the link below and please visit the Chaos Czech website.


Corona Renderer 4 is available now for Autodesk 3ds Max x64, versions 2013-2020. Pricing is subscription-based, with monthly rates set at $28.50 and yearly rates at $330. A free 45-day commercial trial is also available at the link below.




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