CGFutures approaching


Next month, March 8, 9, 10 in Melbourne, CGFutures will again give attendees a chance to see industry techniques first hand, as artists share their experiences working on feature films, AAA and mobile games, commercials, and VR and AR experiences.

Habib Zargapour has an extremely prestigious VFX career and in gaming as Director of Visuals for Microsoft Studios and Electronic Arts, on Need for Speed and RYSE: Son of Rome. He later developed technology to enable high-end visuals and real-time MoCap. Habib applied this and other game engine real-time tools to film in Jon Faverau’s Jungle Book and Spielberg’s Ready Player One. He is brought to CG Futures by Unity.

Weta Gameshop’s Art Director Steve Lambert will be along to talk about Dr. Grordbort’s – INVADERS, a Mixed-Reality Game they have in partnership with John Gaeta’s Magic Leap.  The Head of Effects at Luma Pictures, Nik Slotiuk will speak about the work done for Peter Rabbit, Black Panther, The Predator and Thor: Ragnarok.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 19.03.08

Kris Costa is the lead Creature modeler at Industrial Light & Magic. Costa will talk about his career participating in productions at ILM such as: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kong: Skull Island, Bumblebee, The Avengers, Warcraft: The Beginning, Transformers, Pacific Rim, Rango and Pan’s Labyrinth, among many others. The Lead Technical Designer, concept artist and illustrator Kekai Kotaki will also show us around his portfolio.

Krystal Sae Eua is the Lead Character and Creature Artist at Blur Studios and will share her modeling, texturing and visual effects ideas.

CG Futures is the evolution of Gnomon Live, first held in Melbourne in 2016. With curatorial support from Alex Alvarez of Gnomon we continue to build this special event for digital artists of our region.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 19.16.02

Australia’s leading studios will be taking us behind the scenes of some of their award-winning work for Hollywood blockbusters, successful games, television content and new media.

Taking a look inside the Australian Animation scene, I will be along to curate a cool bunch of animators and studios. Flying Bark, Patrick Crawley, Megan Nairn and Josh Bradbury will be giving their insights about the progress of our own industry, and I’ll be there to throw in some leading questions.

Mathew Packwood of Masters of Motion will explore some of the pathways open to artists in Australia to evolve in the industry. Alwyn Hunt co-founder of The Rookies will share how they assist emerging artists to reach standards ripe for employment. The Mill Film, recently established in Australia, will share information about their academy for graduates to learn the studio’s pipeline and potentially secure employment.

Just three weeks now to go.

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