Corona Renderer 3

Render Legion’s Corona Renderer 3 for 3ds Max has been released just months since their last release. This small company is now owned by Chaos Group and is clearly benefiting from being part of this focused crowd of talented artists and technologists.

A new IR system offers quick impressions of scenes, helping artists assess key elements like lighting early on in the design process. With immediate interactivity, artists can iterate faster than ever before, cycling through objects, materials and compositions with a smoother, intuitive workflow.
As they work, the new AI denoiser will kick in to remove artifacts and grain, leaving a clear image that promotes faster decisions.

Among the planned features in the next update is an implementation of lightweight, fully automatic caustics and a new Light Solver.

3d rendering done in Corona Renderer –

This update is adding instant GPU-based de-noising mode, also randomisation by Mesh Element, like generating different coloured leaves on the same tree, or different coloured wood in floor paneling. The real-time GPU rendering and ray-trace action is impressive as well, for almost instant noise-free previews. Move a light and it follows. Move the camera and you have the scene up in under a second. Displacement is improved, with less geometry lag and solid detail. Thanks to its unique integration, the AI Denoiser in Corona Renderer can preserve more image details, including reflections and refractions, than any other implementation.

By the way, the featured image above of the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta and the background jet, is by Ramiz Vardar.  You can see more of his work on THIS LINK.

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