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RenderMan 22 and Dylan Sisson

When Pixar Animation Studios released the latest version of their 3D rendering software a couple of months ago, artists’ feedback was unanimous about the upgrade, citing the enhanced interactivity and scalability in the new interface, with a bunch of new artistic controls available.

The VIEW Conference, due for its opening in Turin come 22 October has the great pleasure to announce Pixar’s Dylan Sisson will be along to show off the best and latest of RenderMan 22 release with a Masterclass designed for users of the renderer.

photoDylan Sisson will present the latest cutting-edge features for lighting and look development, while also showing how RenderMan can be used across the entire pipeline, everywhere from modeling and layout, all the way through to compositing.

Major updates to the core architecture allow RenderMan to support “live rendering” at every stage of the pipeline, providing fluid feedback for fast artist iteration. Ray tracing has been updated, and the earlier RIB-based scene description is now replaced by the USD format, the new technology for scene management also developed at Pixar Animation Studios. Pixar research and development provided important new features for producing superior imagery faster, and the latest version of RenderMan delivers the groundwork for USD (Universal Scene Description).

Find out how easy it is to use RenderMan on your own projects with Free Non-Commercial RenderMan version. Dylan Sisson is a brilliantly insightful, entertaining presenter and he really knows his stuff.


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