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Wireframes lands in Los Angeles.

Looking into another hugely compelling quadrant of digital visual creation, the important field of architectural visualization has seen immense changes and accelerations over the last decade. Wireframes: The Visualisation of Architecture presents an exploration of the significant art and technology involved in architectural visualization. The Wireframes exhibition tells the story of two industries coming together to form a new discipline. Architecture and Computer Graphics.

Opening in Los Angeles, Wireframes: The Visualization of Architecture, is at the A+D Museum as a major survey of an important art form. Tracking its evolution from milestones to technology, Wireframes is presented as a non-linear story, told by the people who lived it. Using illustrations, projections and interactive VR, Wireframes encourages attendees to explore a practice that continues to define how we view structures and space.

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“From the first ‘wireframe’ to future updates in multi-sensory experiences, this is an art form that continues to mold public expectations about built environments that shape their lives,” said Anthony More, the director and chief curator at the A+D Museum. “As these images enter the public realm, they broaden our imaginations pushing forward advances in urban environments, and architecture. As architectural visualization practices advance, they give us a new form of freedom to explore where we are and our possible futures.”

In the middle of the exhibit, attendees will find an interactive dome that displays 3D projections and VR projects. As VR presents an immediate future for the industry, attendees will have access to two experiences, including the actualization of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Trinity Chapel and Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Center. The dome can hold up to ten people, allowing groups to explore spatial designs together via VR or a rotating loop of renderings.

Wireframes has been curated by a global team of visualization experts from Kilograph, CGarchitect, Chaos Group and Gensler, bringing a wide swathe of works from throughout the field’s rich history, from over 30 artists and firms, including Hayes Davidson, dBox, Studio AMD, Neoscape, Mir, Luxigon, Alex Roman and architect-turned-director, Joseph Kosinski.

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This traveling exhibition follows the discipline’s vibrant history from its inception to the present day, through the artist’s work highlighting the many important moments in the story of architectural visualization. Sponsored by Chaos Group, Epic Games, Gensler and Igloo, Wireframes is at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles and is open through until November 25.

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