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Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 at VIEW

Animation fans and fellow film artisans from Europe and beyond will have a chance to hear the backstory to Pixar’s production of the Incredibles 2 movie at the VIEW Conference, set to spring to life in Turin ITALY from October 22 to 26.

Pixar’s Bill Watral

Bill Watral is a winner of Annie and VES Awards, and is the VFX Supervisor of Pixar’s latest Incredibles 2.  His presentation at the VIEW Conference in Turin in October will be showing how Pixar has brought the technology forward and presented the visuals in the new film.  “Our ability to build the most complex visuals, across the entire studio is in overdrive.  Really honing and crafting their skills. The infusion of new, talented and creative people, and then improving all of the technology in everything we do.  It’s been an amazing view to watch the formation of this entertainment technology,” he says.

Bill Watral will also be available to take questions about the production over the entire week.  VIEW is really that kind of conference.  The speakers are always available, right there with the attendees.  Register now for a unique view into one the most entertaining industries there is.

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