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Christopher Coe


CG Futures is shaping up to be one of the most important events in the VFX and computer graphics industry calendar here in Melbourne, combining all forms of creative digital media.  CG Futures provides a unique opportunity to hone your skills and meet up with fellow digital artists.  This special live event offers Melbourne artists a look at the latest industry techniques and to hear first-hand from some of the world’s most talented computer graphics artists.    Tickets are still available.  Check the link at the base of this story.

While I am at CG Futures on Friday, I’ll be interviewing Christopher Coe, the famed techno musician known as Digital Primate on the eve of his new LP release, Mountains of Silence.

‘MNTNSofSLNC’ is Christopher Coe’s first release under his own name and is a techno driven, atmospheric and deeply authentic work inspired by the mountainous landscape of his homelands of County Mayo in the remote west of Ireland.  The results when musicians collaborate with digital artists and cinematographers to inspire visuals in matte painting or concept work are thought-provoking and regularly magnificent.  Composed in the natural landscapes of Ireland, this music is a nod to the visuals of that country.

Digital Primate has produced and also collaborated with some of the world’s best producers and DJs, like Mad Professor, DJ Krush and Carl Cox. His DJ sets are legendary in Melbourne due to his long-running night Centriphugal being a staple amongst the electronic music lovers of his home city during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He is a veteran of the early outdoor party scene in Melbourne, going on to perform at Glastonbury and Rainbow Serpent. He’s has played at most of the early Earthcore events and has a deep love for the sound of techno in the wild!

He now lives back in Melbourne where he has designed and built a studio for Carl Cox with whom he has started a partnership in a new label called Awesome Soundwave which focuses exclusively on releasing the music of purely live electronic artists.

MNTNSofSLNC is to be released in early May 2018 on the Awesome Soundwave label.

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