Multiverse Studio v5

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OK so this is cool.

J CUBE has released the new version of Multiverse Studio.  In version 5, there’s what’s called a Look Outliner (MLO) which works with Autodesk Maya to expand complex hierarchy trees.  It can pattern-search, select hierarchy items and perform multiple hierarchical overrides for better visibility, performing material/displace assignments, attribute set overrides and those affine transformations.

When you select a hierarchy assignment, it stays unpacked yet allows the display in the Multiverse Panel UI.   Also, Arnold, 3Delight and RenderMan® procedurals resolve materials, displacements and attributes assignments and at last can override procedurally.    Also, Maya files can be read and written within their Alembic or USD files as ‘file-per-frame’ instead of those huge files that are sometimes generated when a viewing is required.  These file-per-frame sequences can also be written by Houdini 16.5.

There is also now Alembic data layering which can be shown as properties of Transform, Positions, UVs or Normals. Bounding boxes and Point-cloud modes are hugely accelerated for visualising packed geometry, respectively drawing as a bounding box or as a point cloud for each hierarchy item.   J Cube Inc is also able to announce a new convenient subscription pricing program, including one for ‘indie’ users and students.

Overall this new version brings some exciting speed boosts and efficiency gains.  Check out some of these video explainers below:


Multiverse Studio V5 — MLO: Multiverse Look Outliner.

Multiverse Studio V5 — Alembic Layering.



Multiverse Studio V5 — File-Per-Frame Sequences.


Multiverse Studio V5 — Playback Cache.

Multiverse Studio V5 — MLO — Expanding a Complex Hierarchy Tree.


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