The Next Level


Wacom and Just Another Agency recently staged an international competition for digital artists in The Next Level, backing the results up with glossy publications and Wacom MobileStudio and Cintiq prizes for the winners.

The Next Level competition itself attracted 1900 entries worldwide, 700 more than last year. “Every year we are absolutely blown away by the calibre of entries The Next Level draws. This is the best part of our job, we love seeing the amazing work people are able to produce and knowing that we played some small part in that. There is nothing more inspiring to us here at Wacom and it helps to push us further as a company,” says Simon Marshall, Marketing Manager at Wacom ANZ.



Bill Hope
Bill Hope’s The Next Level competition entry


One of the renowned artists that will be showcased at the exhibitions is Sydney based illustrator and artist Bill Hope. “Exhibiting with The Next Level Competition allowed me to show my work alongside some of the best talents in the digital arts scene. Wacom consistently brings together artists committed to expanding the realms of what is possible in the medium and it’s an exciting cohort to be represented amongst,” says Mr. Hope.

The exhibition has already had showings in Auckland and Melbourne from September to November and the Sydney exhibition opens Friday, November 24 until Sunday, December 3 at the M2 Gallery in Surry Hills.
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The Next Level


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