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Just announced by Maria Elena Gutierrez, the director of the VIEW conference, is another keynote presentation for the October conference in Turin Italy.   John Nelson, the Academy award-winning visual effects supervisor who has been working on Blade Runner 2049.   John Nelson won the Academy Award in 2001 for he and his team’s work on Gladiator and he’ll be full of stories about his career and especially his new work with the iconic Blade Runner reboot.

Maria Elena Gutierrez  is one of the most passionate event producers I know. I’ve personally been to the Turin VIEW Conference a few years ago now and can vouch for the personal value of the three-day show.  The opportunities to mix with those presenters and the like-minded audience makes this a cultural highlight like no other.

While it is a long list, joining John Nelson along to VIEW will be a huge stellar line up of industry giants.   These are just some of them, making this year’s VIEW a commitment to make.

Scott Stokdyk, Academy Award winner and the overall VFX Supervisor of ‘Valerian & City of a Thousand Planets’ will be along speaking about the concept work and preparation for bringing design and inspiration into production.

Bill Westenhofer, two time Academy Award winner and overall VFX Supervisor of the acclaimed ‘Wonder Woman’ will be there too.  His work on ‘The Golden Compass’ and ‘Life of Pi’ has brought him into the league of extraordinary supervisors and he’s continuing this with Legendary Pictures’ ‘Warcraft’ and Warner Bros’ ’Wonder Woman’.

Eric Darnell, the Creative Director at Baobab Studios will speak about the challenges of combining traditional storytelling with the new immersive possibilities of Virtual Reality.

Joe Letteri, four time Oscar winner and senior VFX Supervisor will discuss the work on ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ and the evolution of visual effects technology.   Definitely go to this presentation.  Joe is a legend.

Animal Logic’s Head of Animation, Rob Coleman also joins the gang at Turin.  Coleman will take the audience on a behind-the-scenes look at the art development and production design of LEGO Gotham City and its many citizens; focussing in detail on the LEGO Batcave.

Paul Debevec is now the Senior Staff Engineer at Google VR, ICT.  He is famous for the LightStage technology which revolutionised the digital human face. He’ll be presenting new results from his MultiSpectral Lighting Reproduction projects as well as showing off some of the latest Google Daydream collaborations.

There are just so many great names coming to Turin this October, it really is the place to be.  The weather is just perfect, accomodation is not so expensive, (if it is, it’s worth it) the hospitality of the locals and the opportunities to get to know those in the thick of the industry is just too hard to pass up.     Italy in October is a priority.


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